Reconnective Healing

Live Your Full Potential by Reconnecting Dormant DNA Strands

Most people are still unaware of the hidden power that is stored up inside of them and that this hidden power contains all of the solutions to our greatest challenges on planet earth, both personally and globally.
There is a field around your body, created by your DNA, and Reconnective Healing is happening in this field.
Inside our dormant DNA lies all of the information about your life’s mission and purpose as well as your unique untapped spiritual gifts, talents and abilities.
The answers to the most profound questions of our reality are encoded inside our dormant DNA, which also holds the keys to healing our bodies, minds, hearts, and our entire planet, including all plants and animals.

Reconnective Healing is able to reconnect and restructure our dormant DNA.
Usually Reconnective Healing requires three sessions and the healing is permanent.
As an evolutionary process and not a medical technique, no one can predict what your healing journey will look like.

I recently watched The Truth about Cancer series. What I didn’t know before and what some of the physicians have been saying is that every cancer and every illness starts with an imbalance in the cell structure.
What I also didn’t know was that cancer cells are dark and that they can be healed with light. It gave me insights on how Reconnective Healing works and why it works for cancer.

If you read the book The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl, you know that the frequencies that he received bring balance to the whole being and that they also flood the cell structure with light.

In the book Solomon Speaks about Reconnecting Your Life by Dr. Eric Pearl and Fred Ponzlov Solomon talks about this light: “There is this light that is a part of creation. It is a healing light, the white or clear light that people refer to. You are now being able to transfer that white light to those you touch. It’s a healing light. When you transfer this white light to them, they begin not only to see the light, but to be able to heal themselves…So you’re awakening them to their potential that they’ve forgotten in this life.” .

The sentence “You bring light and information to the planet” was one of six phrases that were channeled by patients of Dr. Eric Pearl, when he started to work with these frequencies. Light and balance are components of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. There is a whole bandwidth of frequencies, but for now I understand more about these two. Until now I was particular interested in the effect on our DNA, on our brain waves and on the heart chakra. Now I understand even more why many report healing from afflictions including Cancer, Depression, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and other serious and sometimes untreatable illnesses.

“I had the good fortune to read about Keala in a local magazine and could hardly wait to meet her. As a practitioner of various psychological/somatic/energetic modalities, I knew I had found the missing piece I had been seeking for many years! Reconnective Healing is a unique experience; you never know what will come out of it. What I experienced during my sessions was deep relaxation and an awareness of moving energy around me. But, interestingly, it was a day or two later when it occurred to me that the pain I had felt in my right hip no longer was there. Then, a few days later, my sometimes weak knee seemed well. Slowly I became aware that much of what happened on the table manifested over a period of days: an improved sense of well-being, a sharper mind, a more positive point of view which led to feeling greater compassion toward others. Keala’s generous spirit truly launched me into a new life phase. I am so very grateful.”

Shirley Bell, Ph.D.

Sonoma, California

“When I came to Keala for Healing I suffered for eight months from a very painful esophagitis, which is a damaged esophagitis due to acid reflux. I was afraid to lay down on Keala’s table, because of this. I normally have to be elevated and I also had really bad pain that day. To my surprise the pain already subsided during the session and was totally gone afterwards. It is still gone and I usually take two antiacid tablets every day and have not had to take even one since then. The reflux and the esophagitis is completely healed. I had three sessions. This is a miracle and I am so grateful.”

Mary P.

Sonoma, California

What to expect during your healing session:

The session lasts approximately 1.5 – 2 hours and the healing is long lasting or even permanent. Sessions may include counseling about your life’s purpose, relationship, health and nutrition. This energetic process is guided by the Higher Intelligence of the Universe. In person sessions are held at my location in Sonoma, CA. When you come I will have you lie on a massage table and ask you to breathe deeply as we relax together and begin the healing. You may fall asleep right away. You will certainly feel very relaxed and peaceful. It is important to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water on the day of and a few days following your Reconnective Healing. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can call me any time.

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