The Reconnection

Benefits of The Reconnection

• Speeds up your evolution.
• Finding your life’s mission.
• Your consciousness and awareness begins to shift.
• Restructuring your DNA.
• Clearing blocks and restores balance.
• Accelerates your life path.

The Reconnection reconnects your open meridian lines, also called acupuncture lines to the gridlines of the planet. Originally these lines were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet and cross at acknowledged power points such as Machu Picchu and Sedona. These lines were intended to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe.

J.J. Hurtak wrote 35 years ago in the book The Keys of Enoch- The Book of Knowledge that we have been disconnected many thousand of years ago and that now is the time to be connected again. “Through a projection of light, individuals can be reconnected to their full human potential and return to an optimal state of balance.”
This process allows us to receive light and information, to open up our intuition and rapidly throws us on our life’s mission.
He also wrote that once we had 12 DNA strands and only 2 remained and that we are now ready to restructure them.

What to expect during your Reconnection:

The Reconnection is done in two sessions on consecutive days. It is best to have three Reconnective Healing Sessions just prior.
Each session’s duration is 90 minutes. The first session is called Spring Cleaning and the second one is the Final Reconnection.
These sessions take place in person at my location in Sonoma, California.

Keala’s Own Experience with The Reconnection

In the Spring of 2007 I received The Reconnection. I had to take a flight to the Big Island and stayed for three days because The Reconnection is done in two sessions on two consecutive days and there was no Reconnective Healing practitioner on Maui.
She had placed the massage table out on the porch and I will always remember the moment when she finished the second and final session, a big branch of a coconut tree fell down with a dramatic sound. It felt magical.
Since then I experience miracles and synchronicities every day.
I started to write them down and eventually this turned into my first book, The Miracle of 333. Everyday Miracles to Inspire You. which will be available on October 16, 2017.
I was told that this work The Reconnection has the vibration of 333, one of the most sacred numbers in existence.

In the beginning of my first session of The Reconnection I was aware of something being removed from my third eye.

It really felt as if my third eye was opened. Amazing. I also saw images of ancient maps of old worlds dissolving and at the same time I felt as if old stories and patterns that I no longer needed left me.
In the second and final session I felt being in loving and caring hands, like being held by the hands of god. It was like all my guides and angels, teachers and healers stood around me, circles of beings that supported me since aeons, telling me that I never walked alone. I felt, for the first time in my life, I can let go and I am supported.”

Leilani Michaels

Oakmont, California

“The most powerful part of The Reconnection was when I felt that Keala created a net out of strands and I was inside and held by it. I started crying. I felt my heart opening and the words of a poem came to me: “inside a net of livingness out of which I can not fall.” I felt like I was in a womb and the womb was the whole cosmos and I felt expansive in it. Later I realized that I often felt small and that I need to be protected. The shift is that I now don’t feel so dependent on other people for my security and safety. I have more courage and can stand up for myself. I am moving forward now as more of who I actually am. This feels like a new beginning.”

Ann N.

Sonoma, California