Reconnective Healing – Client Testimonials

When my trusted friend recommended that I see Keala for her Reconnective Healing sessions, I didn't know what to expect. My experience was very dramatic from the start.

On the table I experienced my body aligning and adjusting to the healing that she was facilitating. I also experienced meaningful visions and the sense that I could now make better decisions for my well being. The next day I realized that I could sing better, with more strength and stamina as well as nuance.  I had always wished to improve my singing. After the second session, I was very sensitive, in a good way, caring about people far away as if they were my family. I felt so peaceful and balanced after my third session, like never before. I know I want to learn this. Altogether, my experience with Keala’s work has been profound. Thanks so much Keala!
Sydney Walker, Licensed Acupuncturist, Sonoma County, CA.

You promised me a soul mate and I met him. I live now with him in a very big House .

Hi Keala, I can certainly attest to that Reconnective Healing works. You promised me a soul mate and I met him. I live now with him in a very big house. We have two horses and I went back to horse riding. We travel quite a bit and we are indeed soul mates. As such we are having a splendid time. I just pray we have quite a few more years left to enjoy together!!! All my Love. Johanna
Johanna Cerny, Paolo Alto, California

Reconnective Healing is my favorite healing modality!

Reconnective Healing Sessions with Keala have been each and every time aligning me emotionally, spiritually and also physically after a small injury. I always felt lighter and more balanced and could see the effect rippling into all areas of my life. But when I took my nine year old daughter with a knee injury (heavy swelling accompanied by several weeks lasting fever and pain) to Keala for three sessions, I was able to even better observe the power of this healing method. Where acupuncture, ice packs and homeopathy stopped their magic, reconnective healing completed the healing process rapidly. The swelling, pain and fever went down with every treatment and after completion, my daughter’s knee was healed.    
Linda Hollatz

I had the good fortune to read about Keala in a local (Sonoma) magazine and could hardly wait to meet her

As a practitioner of various psychological/somatic/energetic modalities, I knew I had found the missing piece. I had been seeking for many years! Reconnective Healing is a unique experience; you never know what will come out of it. What I experienced during my sessions was deep relaxation and an awareness of moving energy around me. But, interestingly, it was a day or two later when it occurred to me that the pain I’d felt in my right hip no longer was there. Then, a few days later, my sometimes weak knee seemed well. Slowly I became aware that much of what happened on the table manifested over a period of days. I hadn’t known what to expect but many things began to show up: an improved sense of well-being, a sharper mind, a more positive point of view which led to feeling greater compassion toward others. Keala’s generous spirit truly launched me into a new life phase. I am so very grateful.
Shirley Bell, Ph.D. Sonoma, CA

From February 2013 till July 2015, Keala Gerhard came to Sonoma Health Care to volunteer and to give Healings to our patients every Wednesday.

We have seen how residents responded positively to her Reconnective Healing on top of her sensitive and compassionate approach, taking into consideration the unique characteristic of each individual. Residence and staff of the Activity Department always looked forward to Wednesday sessions with Keala. One specific female patient surprisingly benefited from the healing sessions. She has been here for 6 years, diagnosed with MS, paralyzed and can only move her eyelids to communicate. She was always crying in pain and mourning most of the time. Her eyes, always wide open, reflecting fear and panic. As Keala continued with the Healing our patient got better and better. Very soon she looked peaceful and even smiled often and now even laughs some times. Instead of being in pain all the time, she is in pain once in a while. Thank you Keala.
Claudia M., RN, Sonoma Health Care, 
(now Broadway Villa),
 Sonoma, CA

My first Reconnective Healing session was very deep. I felt layers of physical, emotional and in particular thought patterns, that were no longer in my highest good, dissolving.

At the end of the session, a very peaceful feeling came over me and my heart opened up. When I called my husband after the session, I felt so much love in my heart that my eyes welled up with tears of joy just the way they did at our wedding. Keala’s presence and her healing skills allowed her to work in my field in a profound and subtle way.
Jameela Joseph, Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist, Kihei, Maui, HI

Over this last year I have been working with you and the traditional medical system to heal lung cancer.

In November I was told that I had succeeded in healing my lung cancer and then it went to my brain. I am told I am healed of that as well. I truly believe that your Reconnective Healing sessions were a strong factor in this healing. I even recall one evening when my husband and I woke unexpectedly at 4:00 am, embraced, kissed and went back to sleep. You told me later that you had sent us a badly needed Distant Healing about the same time. You are always there for me. During my brain surgery recovery I experienced a great deal of pain and confusion. I used your Ho’oponopono training to ground myself and found it to be a lifesaver. Thank you for everything you do. I am looking forward to our personal session today to help regain my personal powers and begin the New Year with renewed energy.
Ann L., Sonoma, CA

After the third session I woke up with a tremendous sense of inner peace. But the biggest change for me was that I couldn’t drink anymore.

In the last several years I had been very depressed, the end of a long term marriage, a new relationship ended badly and a work schedule that had me all over the place. My way of handling was more alcohol which of course led to a deeper depression, constant anxiety and a generally poor outlook and attitude. I did not know where to turn. One day I found Keala’s business card and called her and made an appointment. The first session came and that night a lot of dreams and memories came and went. In the morning all the inner thoughts that had been torturing me up to then were gone and I was able to realize why my relationships had failed and I was at peace with it. After the next session I was able to decide to spend Christmas in Europe (which is where I’m from.) My parents are in their eighties and I finally had sense enough to follow my heart to visit them. After that I was able to apologize and admit all the things that I had done wrong in my marriage and finally we worked out a more than fair amicable agreement. It was a very tearful and intense experience but very worthwhile. After the third session I woke up with a tremendous sense of inner peace, no more pressure from time, career or previous partners. But the biggest change in me was that I couldn’t drink anymore. It wasn’t even on my agenda to stop drinking at all, but now instead of an average of sixty beers a week I have an average of six which seems to be a major step in the right direction. (By the time of this testimonial put on the website, no beer at all) No more anger, not depressed, positive attitude. I even like going to work again. So, if you were to ask me if it was worth going to see Keala, YES, I recommend her to anyone.
Richard K. Sonoma, CA

When I called Keala for help I had lost my beloved cat, Puss, just three days before, after 18 years of being with her. I was heartbroken and extremely sad and experienced a very high level of anxiety.

I could come to her the same day, even it was Sunday. I met her in her lovely home. I felt at ease the minute I walked in, such a peaceful place. We sat down and I told her about my loss. She completely understood the deep pain I was in. She invited me into her healing room and I laid down on her table and within 3-5 minutes I fell asleep and woke up 45 minutes later. It was an amazing experience…. and the anxiety was gone. I normally I can not fall asleep on my back and here I was in such a deep sleep. I had three sessions and each time I felt better then the time before. All my anxiety is gone and I still have a lot of stress in my life, but handling it so much more calmly. I just can’t explain it and before I had gone to Keala I don’t think I would have believed it. She’s the real deal !!!! I highly recommend seeing her. You will be so glad you did. Kindly and Sincerely
Jane Campbell, Sausalito, CA

I had three sessions and the reflux and the esophagitis is healed and it never came back and it is a year now.

When I came to Keala for Healing I suffered since 8 months from a very painful esophagitis- that means a damaged esophagus due to acid reflux. I was afraid to lay down on Keala’s table, because of this. I normally have to be elevated and I also had really bad pain that day. To my surprise the pain already subsided during the session and was totally gone after the third session. It is still gone and I usually took two antiacid tablets every day and I had not to take even one tablet since then. The reflux and the esophagitis is healed. I received three sessions and the reflux didn’t come back. This is a miracle and I am soooo grateful. ( 6/5/2016, Now two years have passed without any reflux.)
Mary P. Sonoma, CA

My spouse has been living with Stage 4 lung cancer for going on five years now. About 6 months ago, there was a downward spiral.

I had read about Reconnective Healing when the first book by Dr.Eric Pearl was published. At that time, I could not find anyone in Sonoma who was offering this Healing. My spouse’s recent challenges prompted me to search again, and I found Keala. What a gift!  I have yet to meet her in the flesh, AND, I feel I KNOW her through my spouses Healing. After each session, I could feel a shift in Energy.  There was a “grounding of PEACE in BEING”.  There was no need to question whether there was a cure or whether the cancer was raging… did not matter….there was this PEACE, that allowed all things to just be as they are.
Jennie S., Sonoma, CA

When I met Keala , a year ago, I was at the end of my rope, I felt suicidal, but after three sessions I am a different person now.

I suffered from Lime Disease since 5 years and was in constant pain, especially in the night. After the first session with Keala I had the most peaceful night in years, so I wanted another one immediately. Another peaceful night followed. After the 3rd session of Reconnective Healing the most annoying symptoms – the jumping and the movements in the body- were gone. Slowly the healing continued. After some months the symptoms were gone. I knew that I had to change my life and to slow down and to find my joy. I changed my life quite a bit and I am a different person now. I am very grateful for Reconnective Healing.
Hanna M., Middle Town, CA

Since the three sessions with Keala I am totally free of sciatic and lower back pain, it never came back, it is now four years.

The most pain I experienced, sometimes for weeks, was when my sciatic nerve would spasm and I was really sore. But the most wonderful part is I found my soul mate six weeks after my first session! I have never even had a girlfriend before! We have been together now for four years.
Clayton P., Sonoma, CA

I stopped my compulsive eating – it happened mostly in the evening - and I lost already weight. I am so happy about this and I experience less pain in my hip.

Hello Keala! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of exploration, love and uplifting experience!  You bring so much confidence and enthusiasm to the session. I can’t wait for the next one. I want to tell you that I stopped my compulsive eating – it happened mostly in the evening – and I lost already weight. I am so happy about this and I experience less pain in my hip. Your background, experience and friendly open manner made me feel quite comfortable.  These are very deep emotions that rush to the surface in the presence of such open honesty.  For so many years such feelings were suppressed and I was horribly uncomfortable when they would occasionally arise. I love your faith in love and forgiveness to dispel the destructive maladies that haunt so many of us, myself included. I share this faith. It’s wonderful! I hope to learn more from you as well as become more acquainted with Reconnective Healing. 
Lydia W., Sonoma, CA

During the course of my career as a professional Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Energy worker, I have worked with countless Energy Healer colleagues. Keala Gerhard is, without question, one of the MOST GIFTED Energy Healers I have ever been so honored to work with.

Keala’s gentle, authentic and peaceful healing technique is enhanced by her deep care and compassion as well as her potent intuitive abilities and her commitment to serve with integrity. With Keala’s assistance, both my dog and I were transformed from weak and sick to healed, saving me thousands in medical bills, not to mention needless stress, anxiety and worry. We have received TREMENDOUS benefits from working with her ~ benefits which have added to our lives and improved the quality of our overall emotional and physical health, as well as or relationships together. “I highly recommend Keala! Keala, YOU are Magnificent!!!!  Much LOVE and GRATiTdtude!
Lori Ann Spagna

Keala, as you know my 9 year old son had asthma his whole life. He even had problems breathing on the plane going to Hawaii.

Since your sessions with him he has not even used his inhaler once in over two months, since we are back home. I can’t remember a time previously when he has gone more than a few days without this. Thank you so much.
Charles C., San Francisco, CA

I had a snake phobia all my life. Couldn't be close to a photo or any kind of snake images and of course it was impossible to watch a real one, not even from far away.

Keala started her session without knowing about my phobia at all. I remember that  

I had a monkey image surrounding me sometimes during the session. Monkeys are one of my favorite animals. 

Finally the session ended. A very pleasing feeling took over my body. Later, to confirm it, I went to a pet store and stood in front of a red and black, small snake. 
I observed it and enjoyed the freedom inside of me. Thanks Keala Love you!
Miriam Larici, Los Angeles, CA /

This is the most powerful energy work I have come across. I have a clear focus and direction with my life that I had not had before the sessions.

I was given tools to locate specific beliefs and fears within myself that no longer serve me in this life. During the session I was able to let go of a major fear that was holding me back from the most direct experience of love I could have in every moment. The after effects of the sessions were remarkable. I noticed a lasting change in my eating habits, and a deep awareness of my body that I have never felt before, even after years of practicing yoga and bodywork. I am now able to look into the moment with ease.
Allison K., Maui, Hawaii

Intuitive Counseling – Client Testimonials

I came to Keala 6 months ago, because I felt depressed and not happy with my life, especially not happy with my relationships.

I wasn’t in harmony with my ex- wife, the mother of my son. There was still a lot to heal from our divorce. I also had some negative believes about my ability to support myself financially. I worked with Keala over the last 6 months, starting with Reconnective Healing and the “ Personal Reconnection,” followed by almost weekly Counseling sessions. I learned to use Dynamind – a Hawaiian form of Tapping, also the Hawaiian Forgiveness process, called “Ho’oponopono”. She also chose new Bachflower essences for me every 3 weeks. But the most liberating sessions for me was when she helped me to release the deep traumatic events that happened in the past that still affected me. I am a different person now, feeling more confident and more dynamic. I am in harmony with my former wife, in fact we are a “happy family.” And now comes the miracle – I found my soulmate. We are now together since 6 months and I am ready to create, together with her, the life that I am excited about. I will go on with Keala as my coach to heal from the very beginning the negative beliefs that can come up. Grateful for Keala and the many ways she supports me on my Path.
Anthony W. Sonoma, CA

As you know I like to share my new awareness after each of our sessions. I feel extraordinarily good today. There is a calm in me, which feels wonderful.

I am aware of a subtle energetic expansion around my body – as if the boundaries of my body are much looser, thus I feel less constricted. Also this morning I was able to tell my husband about my feelings about his constant (totally unjustified) fears of not having enough money. We are very comfortable but he was born during the depression when his father lost everything. Therefore he lives with this deep, constant fear, which is a burden on both of us. This morning I said “Enough! I won’t go with your fears anymore. It is too much of a burden for me.” It was the first time I was so peremptory (not my style!) but it was good for both of us, making him realize that the problem is much more in his head than in real life. I told him to work with this during his next session with you. So again, thank you, thank you for all this. I am so grateful to live these experiences, which make life so much better and richer.
Martha B. Maui, Hawaii

Distant Healing – Client Testimonials

The story of a Miracle Distant Healing with Reconnective Healing. The harmonious cooperation of the medical system and a Quantum Healing modality.

September, 17, 2016, a woman, Julie, from Scotland, called me, asking if I can send a Distant Healing for her father. He was dying in the intensive care of the hospital there. His kidney and liver on machines, his body already disintegrating, heavily sedated. He had surgery because of the scars of two bypass surgeries in the past. I immediately sent the first session. This is the e-mail after the first session: My Dear Keala, My dad is still stable, It’s so lovely knowing you are here. Let’s see what today holds. This morning he’s still stable. Thank you so so much, It’s a miracle the doctor said. If he can get off the machines and have his head intact coming off the sedation slowly, this will be wonderful. All my love, love, love. Julie. I sent the second session on September 18, the third one the next day. She visited him every evening at 7.00 pm in the hospital, 9.00 am for me here in California. We talked or e-mailed every day. It felt as if I was with them every step of the Healing. She watched the Movie “The Living matrix” which features Dr. Eric Pearl, my teacher for Reconnective Healing. She also read his book “ The Reconnection”. September 26, a week later, he started to blink to communicate and moving his fingers. In October things started to move forward. The machines could be taken off and slowly the sedating medications given less and less. The doctors and nurses asked her what she was doing and even asked for her advice. October 5, he finally opened his eyes. He got a pacemaker and his blood pressure and his heart was stable. “Amazing, a miracle …my dad woke up, he is awake. He opened his eyes wide. He does look like a skeleton, but it’s a miracle, Keala. I told him about you. He looked impressed and he blinked. So blessed to have you. My brother watched “ The Living Matrix” yesterday. We found out that we are both into Healing. Also, things happen in the ward, like you said. (I had told her that the Reconnective Frequencies are in the whole building.) The doctors are asking.” Love Julie I gave two more Distant Healing to her father and also two sessions now for Julie. October 10, they found an inner bleeding, that was draining his energy, but he finally could sit in a chair, what we had envisioned all the time. 3 days later they found out that the bleeding comes from an ulcer and they couldn’t stop it. October 14, she called me that he is dying. I sent a last Healing. He passed over peacefully. Now her mom didn’t want to live anymore. She could not imagine a life without her husband. I sent Healing, which must have helped. I just received a call on Christmas day from Julie that her mom is with her. So magical, because she didn’t leave her home for years. Also Julie’s son, he is 10, started to experiment with Reconnective Healing. Julie wants to become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. She is very grateful for the time with her father – almost a month. He passed over aware and awake, free from machines and sedatives. For me it was a love affair with a whole family and it goes on and on. I am so grateful. I am also grateful that Dr. Eric Pearl wrote in his book “ The Reconnection” page 215 : “ What is a Successful Healing? “ … if someone does cross over, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a Healing. Their Healing may very well have been the ease with which you allowed them to have their transition, the peace they received through your participation, to accept and let go- and that chance to smile and say “ I love you” to some one who needed to hear it – one last time. So don’t interpret, don’t analyze. Just be. And know that you carry the gift of healing- in what ever form that may take.”
Julie's father

Dear Keala, I'm so sorry this has taken me so long to get back to you. I feel I've been on a roller coaster since our last call.

I’m so grateful to finally be having this time. I wanted to light a candle which I have done and have my Dads picture beside us. I love what you wrote and I don’t think I could have done it without you during that intense time. I felt I was being guided when I found your website. I didn’t have time to think when I found it.
It was an emergency inside of me. Your voice really soothed my soul, you gave me great strength knowing you were with me. I had a dream about you and you when my Dad was in hospital towards the end of his life. It was very clear, I was a bit worried that I couldn’t do it without you. You told me you would be by the bed, too, from a distance. I felt my intuition was very clear at that time. I felt very connected to my Dad and I get he knew that I was doing something. Every night I walked the corridor of the hospital I felt you near and it was a great relief to have you at the end of the phone or by text, as I felt so alone at this time. My Dad would have really liked to meet you, I described you to him, he looked really surprised that I had found you. I did feel the ward changed in energy when I started going . They said it really was a miracle that he was still here. My Mum really did come to mine at Christmas. It was an amazing surprise !!! Truly wonderful as she has never been out of the house for years. Thank you, thank you, Keala, from the bottom of my heart. I feel so blessed to have found you and hope we can work together soon. I love you, thank you. My Mum seems to be getting more positive. I would love to incorporate and learn Reconnective Healing to help others! All my love and hope to speak soon.
Julie M. Scottland

I am still fascinated, how can someone many thousands of miles away have such an effect on me.

What an amazing session. I finally accepted it’s not my mind playing with me. I felt obvious sensations, hands burning, tingling, hollow and pulling sensation over my belly, light feathery touches on top of my head. I felt a pat on my legs too, drifted into sleep, remember someone saying without saying, telepathically ” r u ready to Move to next level” and my mind was like Yes yes yes!!!!!!! I also felt pain behind my left and right ribs, and in my arms. My hands were almost burning at the end of the session. I could feel energy moving from my belly down to my legs, then to my head and arms. I am still fascinated, how can someone many thousands of miles away can have such an effect on me? Science should probably pack its bags now. This quantum stuff is real I love u love u love u.
Emen, Islamabad, Pakistan

My daughter Zohha ( 3 ) is doing amazing. We are slowly taking her off the steroids and she has not given me a moment’s trouble.

Hi Keala, I just navigated through your website. It is so wonderful and I feel privileged that you have added my testimonial there. Thank you soooo much. You can also write that my 3 year old daughter Zohha is doing amazing. We are slowly taking her off the steroids that had been recommended by the doctor. She has not given me a moment’s trouble. She doesn’t have any mood swings, she is not cranky and she is always up and about. If you could see her you wouldn’t guess she has an illness. It’s just that we know she had a kidney problem, but apparently she doesn’t look like she has any symptoms. She is often bursting with laughter and her joy is visible though her sparkly eyes and restless activity. Bless the Lord !!!!! and thank you sooooo very much. I am doing great too. I am not as anxious for her as I used to be. It’s so much easier to trust God and let things unfold as they will, to let life flow in all its splendor through us. I feel I am not resistant to changes. It’s easier to let go. The strain on my nerves especially head and neck is gone. Stay blessed!! Love and regards
Emen, Islamabad, Pakistan

Thank you for the session for my daughter Zohha. I laid beside her and felt all those sensations, that I felt in my session with you.

Thank you for the session for my daughter Zohha. I laid beside her and felt all those sensations, that I felt in my session with you: tingling of my body, warm hands, fluttering of the eyelids, pain under right rib, but this time, they were less intense. I understand that the healing intention was primarily for Zohha. Thanks a lot once again. When do you think she should have her second session? Love u, Emen
Emen, Islamabad, Pakistan

I thank you for this very moving and deep experience. It is an extraordinary thing to feel reconnected to my feelings towards my father. I feel him close.

I also feel closer to my husband, a wonderful man. Thank you for being there to make this happen. You have a beautiful life and it gives me hope for my own life. 2.session: I have such a calm feeling within me, which allows me to be present and open to others. This morning I had a beautiful conversation with my husband and the same this afternoon with my daughter. I feel less tired than usual and the pain in my legs is gone. I have felt sometimes this great peace after a session with an energy healer but it would disappear after a few days – then after a while you forget that this state of peacefulness and connectedness exist and you lose yourself and become sick. Thank you, dear Keala for being here to make me experience this. I want to orient myself to live at that level of depth and to share with others this great gift. 3.session This morning I am so full of joy that I want to share it with you. JOY! I have not felt it in a long time. I often felt it while dancing, roller-blading, bicycling or jumping in the big waves of Maui. But little by little my lack of energy and leg problems prevented me for doing all of this and joy went away. Somewhere I was dying at a certain level when I contacted you. Today the life force has come back and with it, hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I would like to live at that level of joy and peacefulness. Maybe the path for me will be to learn from you a great deal more. Next day: 1. Session for her husband It was a pleasure to see John so relaxed and open after his session with you. What a wonderful gift! You have changed our lives – especially mine, giving me hope, not only about my physical condition but spiritually. I have been waiting for this feeling of connection all my life.
Maryanne B. Maui, HI

Dear Keala, I am so excited to write this testimonial for you and the work you do. I had originally called you because of back pain, and the pain eventually went away.

But what really happened besides that is amazing. I received three Distant Healing sessions and my life turned around completely. Right after the first session in August, I took a weekend trip just for myself. You know how much I work for my business. That was only the beginning! After the next session I felt so much more feminine and I also started to open again to men. After the third session I met “My Guy” and we have now been together for one and a half year, loving each other every day more and more. I enjoy my life to the max and I am so content and happy. And my business grew 40% in the three months following the sessions. In those few months I worked less and spent a lot of time enjoying life with my man. What a miracle! Thank you so much.
Lynette M. San Rafael, CA

What a wonderful experience this morning. This being my 4th time receiving one of your Distant Healing sessions, this was the most rewarding.

I love doing it first thing in the morning. You called a few minutes before and then at 6:00 am on the nose I relaxed and opened up my energy to allow you to do your magic. I felt this intense deep relaxation. I remembered our second session when I really hoped my lower back would receive the message, and of course I have had no back issues since then. This is now a year ago. So, this time I just wanted to let my Higher Self guide, and it did. While in my deep meditative state, which I would come in and out of, I could really feel it!!! I felt myself releasing fear and I remember in my mind crying deep and apologizing, then the thoughts came having accomplished something. I’m not sure any of this is making sense but I woke up at 6:45 am and looked at the clock, I could feel the session was over which is amazing. Your work is amazing! I am looking forward to the weeks ahead to feel the effects. The doubt that I thought I might have about Reconnective Healing is gone!! It was undeniable, you have a gift, thank you for sharing it with me.
Lynette M. San Rafael, CA

For two years I had a crazy condition. My whole body was red and itchy and I had a tumor on my nervous system.

Recently I had a flare-up which was so severe, it was insane!  I was desperate, yet in my pain I remembered Keala and that she had helped me before with Distance Healing. A friend who was with me called her for me and as soon as Keala started, I fell asleep and slept for two hours.  It felt as if the Distance Healing saved my life. I cannot explain how amazing this was for me. I felt so grateful! A medical test showed that I had heavy metals in my body, but because of the Distance Healing, my improved condition allowed the doctors to do a medical protocol.  To remove heavy metals, you have to be in quite a healthy state.
Beverly G. Sonoma, Ca.

My dear Keala, it is because of your powerful Distance Healing that my partner, Bill and I, Angelina experienced healing at the deepest level which allowed for miraculous recovery.

Last year, Bill suffered five cardiac arrests in a 10-hour time frame. He literally died five times as his heart stopped beating and he had to be resuscitated through electric shocks to his heart. While Bill was rushed to the hospital in San Francisco and while he was in the emergency ward suffering cardiac arrest after cardiac arrest, I frantically called Keala over my cell phone to send him Distance Healing and explained the circumstances. I also asked for Distance Healing, as I was suffering from many illnesses and this emergency sent my mind and body into a downward tailspin. While Bill was in intensive care unit and still unconscious and fully sedated, he was subject to an invasive surgery to assess the amount of damage to his heart. I again called Keala and asked for Distance Healing for both of us, as I was emotionally traumatized by the fact that Bill might not make it through that surgery. Again, Keala’s Distance Healing was miraculous and he made it through that surgery. Bill then went through triple bypass heart surgery.  Keala’s Distance Healing had strengthened his mind, body and soul, and he survived that surgery as well. As I write this eight months later, Bill is alive and well and very much on his way to recovery. He is able to work full time and is stronger than ever. Thank you, and bless you, Keala, for your Distance Healing for both of us! You have given us a future. Namaste!
Angelina P. and Bill H., San Rafael, Ca.

When Keala offered me a Distant Healing because I had just had back surgery and couldn't come to her, I was very skeptical. But I needed help so I gratefully accepted it. To my surprise I felt it very distinctly!

A feeling of deep calmness came over me, like nothing really mattered. I have to say that I was very worried before the session, because I had another surgery on my shoulder coming up within the next few days. But the most interesting part of all was when I heard the words “Heal my wounded, broken spirit”!  The session was a very strong experience.  I could feel exactly when it started and when it was over. I asked for another Distant Healing on the morning of my shoulder surgery and I was so grateful.  I didn’t worry and felt good and the surgery was easy. I feel my attitude is so much more positive now. Thank you, Keala, for your support.
Beverly M., Sonoma, Ca.

When I first met Keala, I was having a difficult time with my daughter. She was depressed and we didn’t talk with each other.

I was very concerned about her relationship with a man I felt was abusive to her. On top of it she wanted a child with him and this scared me. I love her very much and missed the connection with her immensely. Keala told me that she could send her Distant Healing, and that her Higher Self would oversee the sessions so that whatever came through would be only in her highest good. I am familiar with the concept of the Higher Self and trusted this approach. Keala sent her three sessions and already after the first session my daughter came to spend the evening with me.  She was pleasant, softer and more positive.  Now she texts me about little things again, something which she had stopped doing.  After the third session she goes out now with girlfriends, is more upbeat and doesn’t talk about having a baby any more. I am grateful for this opportunity to support her in becoming happier. I trust that this work will give her the insights she needs to make the right decision.
Rita C., San Rafael, Ca.

When I first contacted Keala for a Distant Healing session I was in a deep state of depression.

However, immediately after the first session with Keala, I felt light, happy and peaceful, with great hopes for the future.   Everyone knows that you cannot maintain a “mountain top experience” forever, but as I write this over a month later, I can reassure you that my emotions have continued to be stable and optimistic. . What came as a totally unexpected bonus was that after the first session, my vision was restored to the level where it had been about 10 years ago!  I had suddenly lost a great deal of visual acuity a year previously when I had had an accident, although I hadn’t even mentioned this fact to Keala. During the healing session, I could feel a duplication of the heart arrhythmia which I’ve had my whole life due to childhood rheumatic fever. This lasted for about four solid minutes. Since that time, I’ve not had a single episode, although I had probably one or two brief episodes randomly every week of my life, going as far back as I can remember. . It’s hard to say which I am more grateful for, the freedom from the crippling suppressed grief or the restoration of my full vision!
Laura K. Missouri

Keala has been working with my 14 years old Autistic daughter for about a year now.

The differences we see in Iris are amazing. She is more relaxed, cooperative and open to the world around her than ever before. What a blessing- thank you so much Keala.
Carole C., Sonoma, Ca.

The Reconnection – Client Testimonials

The Reconnection truly works. It’s incredible. There is a connection that is so deep, it will never leave me, this I am sure of.

How can I ever thank you, Keala, you are an angel on earth. Before “The Reconnection” there was always a space, a gap between me and feeling connected to the world. This loneliness has completely disappeared. What is there instead, is a connection to all there is, in a new way, in an easy and authentic way. Most important, I have realized what my purpose is.
During the first session I fell into a deep sleep and in the end I experienced something very wonderful. I became this huge, HUGE being, where I had power over all the land and the ability to do anything. The anything I wanted to do was to protect those who had no voice and banish any negativity. It was a life changing experience, that has not gone away. I was somehow recognizing myself on a deeper level and saying no to the control I had given to others and to negativity. On the second day, I was just feeling very serene. It was very peaceful. I have taken time to write this down as I wanted to see if this would last, if it was real. Two months have past and there has been no loss of connection. The subtle workings of this is incredible. It has changed my life forever. The synchronicities and miracles are so much more abundant and obvious in my life. The peaceful feeling within is divine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Prudence M. San Francisco, CA.

And most important of all, there was a layer of anxiety, I've had so long. It was always there in the background, that's now gone.

Hi Keala
In the first session that you called “ Spring Cleaning”, I got in touch with my past. I realized I had not accepted my shadow completely, my darkness and anger and bad habits of mind. It was limiting my capacity as a human. So during that first session, and in the day following, it was all about feeling Love and Compassion for myself. 
In the second session, on day two, I felt deeply relaxed, and fluid, as if I was spreading out into the universe. Over the weekend I noticed I was (and have continued to be) telling 
people what I appreciated about them. I don’t tend to do this, being 
more reserved by habit.
I am also aware that my habitual thinking is shifting toward 
positivity and abundance, instead of scarcity and lack. And most important of all, there’s a layer of anxiety, I’ve had so long. It was always there in the background, that’s now gone. 
Just…gone. Poof. Woke up without it.
Kevin S. San Rafael, Ca.

So much to do, but all without stress, mainly because of the 'Personal Reconnection' sessions.

We are back in New York and I can’t believe that already a week has passed since we were with you in Sonoma. So much to do, but all without stress, mainly because the “Personal Reconnection” sessions. They have left us very relaxed. I feel very peaceful and many things feel indeed more connected: the Breath, the Energy, Yoga, the way my feet are anchored on the ground, diet…I knew about all these things but now I really “know” and will live my life accordingly. Being more and more aware. Also I am more relaxed with people, I connect with them more easily – I see it in their face, an appreciation that somebody is “seeing” them. It is all wonderful. Thank you for being who you are and for all the work you have done to be able to make this gift to others. You are such a lively and loving presence, so generous with your knowledge and your skills.
John feels very relaxed – me too.  Plus for me there is a buoyancy which I have not experienced in a long time which is due to all the Reconnective Healing sessions. 
You are in my mind and my heart. This year is going to be rich for me, opening up more and more to life, its mysteries and joy. Dear Keala, you are always with me – you are such an inspiration and I am so happy we connected.
Maryanne and John B. New York

The most powerful part of my Personal Reconnection was when I felt that Keala created a net out of strands and I was inside and held by it.

I started crying. I felt my heart opening and the words of a poem came to me inside a net of Livingness out of which I can not fall. I felt like I was in a womb and the womb was the whole cosmos and I felt expansive in it. Later I realized that I often feel small–and that I need to be protected. The shift is that I now don’t feel so dependent on other people for my security and safety. I have more courage and can stand up for myself. I am moving forward now as more of who I actually am.  This feels like a new time.
Ann NA., Sonoma, CA

In the second and final session I felt supported in loving and caring hands, like being held by the hands of god.

In the beginning of my first session of The Reconnection I was aware of something being removed from my 3. Eye, like a layer of some substance, it really felt as if my 3.eye was opened. Amazing. I also saw pictures of ancient maps of old worlds dissolving and at the same time I felt as if old stories and old patterns that I no longer needed left me. It is hard to describe but I physically felt it leaving my head. In the second and final session I felt supported in loving and caring hands, like being held by the hands of god. It was like all my guides and angels, teachers and Healers standing around me, circles of beings that supported me since aeons, telling me that I never walked alone. I felt, for the first time in my life, I can let go and I am supported.
Leilani B., Oakmont, CA

In the first of the The Reconnection sessions I experienced a lot of pressure on my solarplexus area, and I felt like Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels: being tied down with ropes going from left to right all over my body.

In the second and final session there was this strong laser beam going into my belly button, which made me feel uncomfortable at first, but I decided to just let it happen and sink into it. It was hard to get up after that second session, my body was so heavy, like I was glued to the table. After this second session there were two nights that I would wake up in the middle of the night, finding my whole body subtly vibrating. In a split second I thought it was a truck passing, or an earth quake happening, but then I realized it was my body. My left hand on my lower abdomen, my right hand on my chest. Another night I woke up because of a cold wind beneath my blanket, not in the room, but beneath my blanket. The Reconnection raised my frequency level, and got me deeper into the experience of the now.
Josie Venhoff, Holland Massage Therapist

Animal Healing – Client Testimonials

This is an amazing story of how Distant Reconnective Healing transformed an abused and neglected guard dog into a lovable pet, as told by the man who helped to rescue him.

The story how Charley became Phoenix. On the 4th of July, 2014, the Animal Control of Oakland, where I lived before, called me and asked me for help. Charley, a 4 year old German Sheppard, whom I knew and saw every day when I walked by the yard where he was kept, was left behind by the owners, a Chinese family, when they moved out 3 weeks ago. I witnessed how Charley was constantly abused in all these years, totally neglected and beaten up all the time, he was out in the yard, day and night, in the heat and in the cold, never taken out of the yard and now abandoned. I went to get him and took him home with me. He was severely traumatized, we could not leave him for a second. For many reasons we were not able to keep him, so we went to a shelter in Oakland but he didn’t pass an aggression test and we were told that they have to euthanize him after 48 hours if nobody adopts him. We were in tears and then we remembered Keala and called her for Distant Healing. She sent three Healings in the next two days. He became more and more peaceful with every session. After driving to different shelters and calling numerous ones, nobody would take him because of the test. Finally, we found Brian Foran in Sacramento and his rescue place for German Sheppard. He looked at Charley and let him loose and Charley was almost shy with all the other dogs there and … he could stay. Brian gave him the name Phoenix. We are so grateful and happy that he can experience a time with other dogs and we know wonderful people will adopt him. Anthony Milliner, Vallejo, CA You can read the description of Phoenix below that was on Brian’s website where he was up for adoption . “Phoenix” is a handsome 4-yo neutered male GSD with a sweet, gentle temperament. Phoenix is very friendly with strangers and good with children. In fact, he is not much of a watchdog, as he does not generally alarm bark at outside noises. Phoenix is very affectionate and loves to be petted. Phoenix is great with other dogs–submissive with all and quite playful. He has behaved perfectly at a dog park. Phoenix is somewhat insecure, and always wants to be by his person. He is fully housetrained and great in the house when his foster caretaker is home, but does have mild separation anxiety when left alone.. It is clear that Phoenix would do best in a home where his person is home most of the time. Phoenix generally walks easy on leash, but he does pull strongly at first out of eagerness. He is non-reactive to other dogs he sees when on walks, but again, will try to chase after cats. He rides well in the car, but insists in getting out the driver’s side–even if the driver is still sitting there! Phoenix was reportedly abandoned by a neglectful, abusive owner, picked up by Oakland Animal Control, then bailed out of the shelter by a neighbor who had been befriending Phoenix. I’m not sure just what to believe, because Phoenix shows no signs of abuse, though he does have the classic insecurity of a dog who has been abandoned. What’s for sure is that whoever adopts Phoenix will be well-rewarded by a dog who will show unconditional love and devotion. Posted 7-30-14

Keala Gerhard is, without question, one of the MOST GIFTED Energy Healers I have ever been so honored to work with.

Keala’s gentle, authentic and peaceful healing technique is enhanced by her deep care and compassion as well as her potent intuitive abilities and her commitment to serve with integrity. With Keala’s assistance, both my dog and I were transformed from weak and sick to healed, saving me thousands in medical bills, not to mention needless stress, anxiety and worry. We have received TREMENDOUS benefits from working with her ~ benefits which have added to our lives and improved the quality of our overall emotional and physical health, as well as or relationships together. I highly recommend Keala! Keala, YOU are MAGnificent!!!!  Much LOVE and GRATiTdtude! (Note : Lori came to me for sessions and she also came with her dog for a Healing session when we both lived on Maui.  Since she lives now in L.A. she called me for a distant Healing for Dakota, another dog, who had a tumor on his pankreas. After 2 distant Healing sessions I called her how he is doing- maybe 6 weeks later- she just came back from the vet and excitedly told me that Dakota is totally healed, he had told her Dakota is as healthy as he could be.)
Lori Ann Spagna

I wanted to let you know how my dog Joy is doing since her surgery and your Distant Healing. She came through just fantastically.

Her blood pressure never changed, she was perfect throughout the operation and they had to do a lot more than they thought to get rid of some of these things. She did GREAT. Now she is acting as if nothing even happened to her. She is running around, just happy, in a very happy mood. You know she had been a little depressed and then you had given her a session and she cheered up and she is really GREAT now. It is just amazing. I haven’t seen her energy so clear and so happy since 2009. And my other dog, Blue, you did a Healing, she is walking around so much better, ( her hip bothered her ) and she is interested in being out, like if we go swimming, she gets up and comes with me and she has never done this in months and months. Blue has an operation next Tuesday and I want you to do a Healing on her during her surgery and after it, too. She needs a lot of help.
Karen D. Sonoma,

I called Keala because Trekker, my 14 year old Samoyed, had a bad and long lasting cough. The vet said there were no breath sounds in his right lung. So I set up a Distant Healing with Keala .

In the 24 hours after his Healing, I heard him cough only 3 times and it was much lighter. But the most surprising Healing took place, that we didn’t expect: Trek had been abused as a pup. If you startled him while he was sleeping, he would scream in terror.  When I brushed him, he cried out as though he was being tortured. Right after the first session he no longer complained when I brushed him.  All his life he has screamed and run away when someone tried to groom him.   He acts now as though he enjoys it. Clearly, his early physical abuse has been healed .Later the vet said the right lung was so much better. We set up a second Distant Healing and I can say Trekker has certainly been healed on many levels and I am most grateful. He seems happy and  he is looking so good!!! Last night, when I stepped on his foot, he did not even wake up, let alone scream bloody murder. I am so grateful for all you have done to help him rise above his puppy hood trauma. Please know how much you are in my heart…and I’m sure in his also. By the way: A big mole he had his whole life is falling away, amazing. Aloha,
Donna M. San Rafael, Ca.

The vet said it is a good sign that the cancer is in remission. Thank you!

Hi Keala, You can share this with people: Kaille- the Grey 2 year old you worked on – has cancer of the mouth and had part of her jaw removed.”]  She lost a tooth due to a strange fracture about a month ago (baby tooth) so we were worried it was cancer coming back. However, there is an adult tooth coming in yesterday so that is great news! The vet said it is a good sign that the cancer is in remission.  Thank you!  I’ll have you do work on two more horses when I get back. Cheers, Lynn
Lynn - horse rescuer Calistoga, CA

My 3 year old chihuahua, Lucy, was suffering from a spinal problem. The vet said it might be genetic and suggested surgery.

  She was in constant pain and had to take pain medications every day.  After Keala sent Lucy 2 distant healings, we saw a dramatic improvement – now Lucy is pain-free and no longer taking pain medication. 
Lindablue Somona Health Care Sonoma, CA

My cat, Max, was diagnosed with F.I.P. , an untreatable, terminal disease. After 3 Distant Healings, Max now shows no signs of the disease and is happy and healthy. Thank you, Keala!

F.I.P : Feline immunodeficiency Virus is a retrovirus causing lifelong infection and compromising the immune system. No suitable treatment is available for cats with the virus. Max had the infection in his lungs and suffered immensely.
Andrew Harper, Glenn Ellen, Ca.