Reconnective Healing For Your Pet

Some of the health areas that Reconnective Healing can assist:

• Sickness or poor health.
• Post injury or accident
• Pre or post surgery
• Chronic and acute pain relief
• Age related problems
• Stress
• Emotional Healing from Trauma
• Behavioral problems

Benefits of Distant Healing for Your Pet

Easy – No need to travel with your sick pet
Flexible – We schedule to fit your busy life
Comfortable – You and your pet stay at home
Relaxed – No stranger to unsettle your pet
Holistic – You too will receive the healing frequencies

There is a delicate interconnectedness with all life on earth and being compassionate towards animals is a key to achieving lasting global peace. Animals play an important role in the healing and evolution of the Earth and humanity.

Dr. Eric Pearl

“My cat Max was diagnosed with F.I.P. an untreatable, terminal disease. It was in his lungs and he suffered immensely. Feline immunodeficiency Virus is a retrovirus causing lifelong infection and compromising the immune system. After three Distant Healings, Max showed no more signs of the disease and is happy and healthy. Thank you, Keala!”

Andrew Harper

Glenn Ellen, California

What to expect during an Animal Healing session:

The session lasts about 1.5-2 hours and the healing is long lasting or even permanent. This energetic process is guided by the Higher Intelligence of the Universe. During the followup phone calls I am open to talk with you about other possible factors of your pet’s health, like nutrition. Especially with rescue pets, I often find traumatic events and I am able to work with them. For more information, call me.

We will agree upon a time, when your pet is resting (with or without you) and I will send Reconnective Healing at that time. Your pet might seem to notice or not. He most likely will relax and perhaps climb into your lap. Your pet may seem extra sleepy on the day of the healing or even a day or 2 after. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can call me any time.